Purchase and shipping conditions

Customers have the possibility to place all their orders from the web: Fruiwa.com

Each client declares that they have full capacity to use credit cards and that they have sufficient funds to cover all the costs resulting from the purchase of products through the Fruiwa.com online store.

By pressing the “Pay” button during the purchase process, the user declares to fully and unreservedly accept all of these General Conditions of Sale.

The data recorded by Fruit Water SL (hereinafter Fruiwa) constitute proof of the transactions made between Fruiwa and the members of its Private Community. Fruiwa will confirm your order by sending an email.

The contractual information is presented in Spanish and will be confirmed at the latest at the time of delivery.

The prices of our products include all taxes contemplated within the Customs Union of which Spain is a part, as provided in article 4 of Regulation (EU) No. 952/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of October 9, 2013, which establishes the customs code of the Union. The taxes that accrue as a result of the export of merchandise outside this space will be borne by the client. Likewise, the prices do not include transport costs.

Fruiwa reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, but the products will be invoiced based on the rates in force at the time of registering the orders (subject to the availability of the product), except blatant typo.

The products remain the property of the supplier until the full payment of the price has been made.


Fruiwa will do everything possible to please all its customers in the demand for the products.

In case of unavailability of the product after the order has been placed, the customer will be informed by email of its cancellation.

As a result of this demand, the speed of the refund in the customer’s bank account will depend on the type of bank card and the conditions of each bank. These deadlines are again specified in the “Delivery” clause.



With Bizum you can make the payment for your order by sending the money in less than 5 seconds safely using only the phone number.

Once you select BIZUM as the payment method, you must enter the telephone number associated with the service and the password for BIZUM online purchases. (If you don’t have your password yet, you can request it in your bank’s app). You will receive an SMS with a confirmation code that you must also enter in the payment window to be able to finalize it or confirm your purchase through your bank’s app.

Single purchase orders can be paid with bizum. On the contrary, subscription orders will be made with a card.


For greater comfort and agility in your purchases, you can pay by remembering your credit or debit card, being able to select it every time you want to make your purchase without having to go to the payment gateway. Fruiwa does not store or transmit credit or debit card data. The data is sent through an encrypted and secure channel.

From your profile, in the “My cards” section you can add or delete a card whenever you want.

Payment failed or denied?

In this case, we recommend that you contact your bank directly so that they can specify the reason, but first, we recommend that you check the following aspects:

  • Have you exceeded your credit limit?
  • Does your issuing bank have special policies related to online or electronic purchases?
  • Have you entered your credit card number, card expiration date or CVV code correctly? If so, we recommend that you delete the recorded card from the “my cards” section of your profile to later add it again, making sure that the data is correct.
  • Please note that if you have made more than three attempts from the same IP address, the payment will be automatically blocked for your security, you must try again at another time.


If you have a PAYPAL account, we offer you this payment method, a quick and easy way to pay for your order.

Once you make your first order through this payment method, you can click on “remember passwords” so that when you want to make an order again with the same payment method, you do not have to enter your data again and it is done buy it directly. This authorization can be revoked at any time you wish from the PAYPAL platform itself.


Every time a shipment leaves our facilities, we will notify you by email through the courier company responsible for the delivery of your order.

*The cities of Ceuta, Melilla, as well as the autonomous community of the Canary Islands are excluded as shipping areas for our products.

Delivery times

GLS: Orders confirmed before 12:00 noon (on business days), will arrive at their destination before 8:00 p.m., 48 hours after placing the order, Monday to Friday except holidays.


    • Up to €19.99: €6.
    • From €20 to €39.99: €3.
    • From €40: FREE SHIPPING
    • Up to €59.99: €6.5.
    • From €60: FREE SHIPPING

By sending the informative email by the courier company, you will be able to track your order at all times.


If something is missing from your order or a product has not arrived in good condition, write to us at ayuda@fruiwa.com so that we can help you with the processing the return or shipment of the missing product in your order.

Before making a return of your order, you should know:

  1. The period for exercising the right of return is 10 calendar days from the delivery of the order.
  2. The return of your order will be made through the same payment method with which the purchase was made.
  3. If the product is broken or in poor condition, Fruiwa will bear the logistical costs derived from the return.

If you reject the order at the time of delivery and it has already been paid, Fruiwa will refund the amount of the purchase minus the shipping costs.

Return procedure

If any product is in poor condition or something is missing from your order, please contact us so that we can arrange the collection or shipment. The courier will go through the address where the order was delivered. The procedure will be as follows:

– Contact us at help@fruiwa.com to tell us what happened.

– If the return is accepted, we will process the notice to the courier company so that it can pick up the order.

– You must package the product for its return, protecting it to prevent it from being damaged in transit. If possible, in the box with the Fruiwa logo where it was delivered.

– Give it to the courier.

– Once it arrives, the corresponding financial refund will be processed.


An order can be affected by various factors. If this happens with your order, the transport company will send you an e-mail to let you know.

Later, they may try to reach you by phone to arrange a new delivery with you, so it is very important that you have the phone number updated on your account.

The service contracted between Fruiwa and GLS includes: if you are absent in the first delivery, they will try a second one. If you are absent again, the order will be delivered to the collection point that corresponds to your address so that you can pick it up.


It is very important that, upon delivery of an order, you check before signing for receipt that the package is in perfect condition, because sometimes, much to our regret, a package suffers damage during transport and affects the items inside. Although it is not a common situation, they are exceptions that we cannot avoid.

If upon receipt of an order you notice that the package has been tampered with, opened or hit, you should not receive it, reject the order and contact us via chat or at the following email address help@fruiwa.com .

The procedure to be followed by us will be to request the transport company to open the order to verify that the items inside are in perfect condition for subsequent delivery. Otherwise, we will proceed to cancel the order so that you can place it again.

If you accept an order that is not in perfect condition, you will lose all claim rights, because by receiving and signing the delivery, you accept the conditions in which it is delivered. Fruiwa is not responsible for the possible damages suffered by the orders or that the material that we send you suffers manipulation or deterioration during the shipment, so if you accept the delivery we will not be able to file a claim with the transport company.

If, on the other hand, the box arrives in perfect condition and inside there is a product that is affected, don’t worry, we will take care of giving you a solution immediately.

It is very important that you keep both the box and the damaged product, you should not discard or consume it until you have received an answer. It is also convenient that you take a photograph of the state in which you received it, as well as of the box and contact our Customer Service department as soon as possible to proceed with the collection of the product, either to process the return or its replacement. .

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