Our history

We dream of a world in balance between well-being, human health and care for our planet and the species with which we live. As a result of this concern, Fruiwa was born, so that everyone can enjoy all the flavour of fruit water while taking care of our health and that of our planet.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer the world a solution to the environmental and health problems caused by conventional soft drinks. The solution is Fruiwa: a revolutionary soft drink with all the flavour of the fruit, healthy and at the same time sustainable, taking care of us and the environment.

Thanks to Fruiwa we will reduce the carbon footprint by avoiding the movement of millions of liters of beverages daily from a factory, to the supermarket and from the supermarket to home, and then end up disposing of, in Spain alone, 30 million plastic bottles every day, of which only 9% is recycled. We want to end this nonsense.

Our purpose

Revolutionize the world of soft drinks with the first tasty, healthy and sustainable fruit water, in order to protect present and future generations.

Our reason for being

Our mission and our purpose define our reason for being, and we count on you to join the change, because every action counts and each one of us holds the key to change in their hands. Together with you we are going to collaborate and promote 3 areas that will make a better world:

The cleaning of plastics from our seas and rivers. 

The education of our people in healthy, responsible and sustainable consumption. 

The planting of native trees in our forests.