Fruiwa Cola

Cola flavored instant drink.

  • No gas.
  • No sugar.
  • No calories.
  • No fat.
  • No hydrates.



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Glass bottle “BUTTERFLIES” 500ml

500 ml glass bottle butterflies and mimosas

Glass bottle “GEOMETRIC YELLOW” 500ml

500 ml glass bottle yellow geometry

Glass bottle “GEOMETRIC ORANGE” 500ml

500 ml geometry glass bottle




RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE: dissolve the content in 500 ml of water. It is recommended to consume cold. Store in a cool, dry place (15 to 25ºC and relative humidity < 60%). Avoid excessive changes in temperature.

FORMAT: cardboard box 11 cm x 14 cm with 12 sticks of 3 grams per unit.

RECOMMENDED PREFERRED CONSUMPTION: 24 months after manufacturing date


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Frequent questions

A water consumption of approximately 2 liters/day is recommended, so you shouldn’t abandon your Fruiwa bottle from one day to the next ;)

Even so, if you try a flavor and you have enough to the next day, no problem! Of course, we recommend not letting more than 48 hours pass after its dissolution. Fruiwa does not expire or spoil but it could lose some intensity in flavor.

As easy as filling your Fruiwa glass bottle with a Fruiwa stick of your favorite flavour, shake and that’s it! Fruiwa dissolves very easily and in just a few seconds you will have it ready to drink.

This is the best of all: whenever you feel like it! You can consume Fruiwa at any time of the day: breakfast, playing sports, with your friends, at night… you choose the time.

In a preferably cool and dry place. The heat does not affect Fruiwa but no one will want to drink Fruiwa very warm. If you can store it, once the mixture has been made, in the fridge, all the better. Your boxes of flavors, you can store them anywhere since they do not need cold.

Of course! Many children drink Fruiwa as a really healthy alternative to sugary and carbonated soft drinks. Remember that Fruiwa has no gas, no sugar, no calories and also no fat or carbohydrates.

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